Project sales

In addition to our standard range, VETEC ANLAGENBAU supplies customised special solutions, tailored to the demanding requirements of our international customer base. Do you want to launch a new product and require a full continuous installation system or perhaps even fully automated production? Do you need special sizes, extreme temperatures or customised systems?

Our experienced project engineers work in close cooperation with you to design an efficient solution that meets your needs. We support you from the first draft through to commissioning by our expert engineers, safely guiding you through the development process until your production is running smoothly and delivering repeatable process results.

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Project sales


high energy efficiency

Cooked salami, sucuk, salami or raw ham - these and other products can be treated in our air-conditioned storage and post-ripening rooms. They impress with their very good energy efficiency and of course with the excellent uniformity of the processes and products.

A storage room does not offer enough space for you? How do 276 double racks - i.e. two cars on top of each other - sound on 876 m² of space? These are treated with a circulating air volume of 120,000 m³. Up to 637 kg of salami can be placed on each double rack. This results in a total product quantity of almost 176 tons, which are post-matured in this plant.


many possible applications

This member of the CLIMAMAT family treats your products horizontally, which opens up more application possibilities. The individual air flow through moving channels is suitable for drying, smoking, fermenting or cooling particularly densely packed products.

The largest version of the CLIMAMAT CROSS realised so far can hold 30 trolleys with a height of up to six metres. With a capacity of approx. 1.7 tonnes per trolley, raw ham is processed reliably and reproducibly. Compared to the system used up to now, the smoking time has been reduced from five to two days. Loading, unloading and transport are fully automated by AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle).

Project sales
Project sales


high production capacities

Are you aiming for high production capacities but small production areas? How about 2000 m² of storage/post-maturing space and thus space for 672 trolleys of six metres height each? Divided up into 14 chambers with 48 trolleys per chamber, you can reliably ferment and dry salamis and raw cured products - each weighing 1.8 tons per trolley. The permanent and even air flow in the entire chamber prevents any undesirable mould formation.

Of course, the processes as well as the loading and unloading are automated here as well. With the help of AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) specially designed for this purpose, the loaded (or empty) wagons can be transported and even weighed without the intervention of an operator. The CLIMAMAT HIGHCUBE stands for high flexibility, impressive product quality and absolute uniformity of processes and products.