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This has been the guiding principle of VETEC ANLAGENBAU for decades. By consistently developing its product range for thermal treatment of foods and focusing on its customers, the company has carved out an outstanding reputation worldwide.

VETEC ANLAGENBAU’s impressive industrial customer base includes many well-known manufacturers of meat, sausage and cold meat products in Germany and internationally, as well as other international food producers.


High quality installations offering maximum benefit to our customers - this is the number one priority for VETEC ANLAGENBAU in all its commercial thinking and actions. We want to contribute to securing your company’s profitability in the long term.

Our customers’ biggest concerns are guaranteeing risk-free, economical and repeatable process stability, while complying with stringent quality standards and adhering to all legal regulations.

VETEC ANLAGENBAU meets these demands with innovative methods, highly qualified and motivated staff and a high performance and quality focused supply chain.

About us
About us


With over 150 employees based at its Verden/Aller site, VETEC ANLAGENBAU is committed to delivering customised, tailored system solutions for state of the art thermal food treatment.

These high standards for people and machinery, allied with many years of experience and new ways of thinking, have created a corporate culture at VETEC ANLAGENBAU that ensures continuous growth and innovation.