Hot smoking, cold smoking
& much more

The TARBER SMOKE MASTER allows smoking in the traditional way, without the need for wood chips, by use of a special condensate. For smoke generation, carefully selected nozzles are calibrated, which eject the condensate. In this process, the state-of-the-art control system guarantees that exact and optimal settings for atomizer pressure and smoke volume are achieved. Slight deviations in air pressure and smoke volume flow are registered and automatically corrected to ensure stable and genuine smoking smoke. In this way, identical and reproducible smoking results are always ensured, enabling you to produce a consistently high quality product. The liquid smoking system can be used for cold, warm, steam or hot smoking.

Technology/ Benefits

The TARBER SMOKE MASTER controls the individual smoking processes automatically. The sophisticated technology works economically, environmentally friendly and reliable. The composition of the freshly developed liquid smoke is the crucial point. The aim is to achieve the traditional smoke taste and the preserving effect of the smoke.

Various studies and expert opinions prove that with the help of TARBER SMOKE MASTER smoking technology a real smoking smoke is produced from pre-cleaned primary smoke products. When considering the composition of the gas phase and the particle size, liquid smoke is equivalent to conventional smoke with regard to the process-relevant parameters.


  • Risk minimization through elimination of combustion processes
  • Automatic setting adjustments to the different smoke types
  • Saving of storage capacity for wood chips