Automatic cleaning of large process installations
& much more

The AM150 is a main station for the automatic cleaning of huge process installations in the food industry. The system is conceived for the connection to a control device (your VETEC ANLAGENBAU installation), which regulates the automatic cleaning function and the different cleaning nozzles.

Technology/ Benefits

The AM150 contains a foam generator for cleaning and disinfection. The foam gets pumped across several valves in the installation areas to be cleaned followed by water rinsing. With a power of 5.5 kW, the station can generate an outlet pressure of 20 bar and can be connected to up to 4 cleaning nozzles.

The model is available with two chemical inlets. Each chemical inlet can be used with premixed or concentrated chemicals and a compressed air line can be connected to each chemical inlet, depending on the customer's needs. Thus, the AM model offers a wide range of designs and options.


  • Frequency controlled pump with soft start and stop function
  • High quality materials with high chemical resistance
  • Pressurization of water