Innovative plant control & much more

The innovative installation control system from VETEC ANLAGENBAU MICROMAT is a freely programmable PLC control system based on the latest Siemens S7 technology. It enables intuitive, safe and user-friendly control, regulation, visualization, measurement and documentation of all thermal and climatic processes in your plant.

Technology/ Benefits

Safe and intuitive: Operation is via a 9" Comfort Panel.

Process security: All process-relevant settings, process starts and corrections are protected by a password or optionally by an RFID chip.

Reproducible: Our continuously developed control technology precisely adjusts temperature, core temperature & rel. humidity to the process requirements and thus guarantees consistent and reproducible product quality.


  • The fully automatic limit value monitoring guarantees gentle and safe product processing
  • Various types of control unit specifically adapted to the requirements of the process technologies in question are available for the specific applications of thermal and climatic treatment of foodstuffs
  • Spare parts are available all over the world at any time
  • The operator language can be selected freely and can be changed online