Hot smoking & much more

The H507 STEAM steam smoke generator is designed to operate on hot smoking installations and offers a capacity of up to 12 trolleys, using natural wood chips. We achieve consistent high quality product results in the automatic process with mild smoke. Due to the use of superheated steam, no bitter substances are produced even during intensive smoking. At the same time, the steam smoke results in minimal weight loss, maximum uniformity and absolute color stability.

Technology/ Benefits

For highest efficiency and quality: the VETEC ANLAGENBAU steam smoke generator H507 STEAM. Particularly economical and gentle for the production of your premium goods.

The full smoke output of the H507 STEAM is available after only a few seconds and can be individually adjusted to your premium product. Due to the relatively low heat of 400°C, the H507 STEAM generates no soot and a very low level of carcinogens compared to conventional smoke generators.


  • Extremely fast smoking times
  • Very low chip consumption
  • Perfect and repeatable smoking results across batches
  • Maximum operating safety due to absence of a naked flame