Hot smoking & much more

The closed glow smoke generator H503 GLOW is designed for operation on hot smoking installations with a capacity of up to 12 trolleys and climate maturing systems up to 80 trolleys with natural wood chips as smoking material. The closed system of the H503 GLOW enables the usual uniform and constant smoke development without smoke nuisance in the production process.

Technology/ Benefits

The closed glow smoke generator H503 GLOW is the perfect solution for a uniform smoke development and still energy efficient.

With shorter heat-up and faster smoking times due to higher smoke concentration, the H503 GLOW saves up to 30% more energy.

Temperature monitoring with integrated extinguishing device and a water pressure control ensure a safe and reproducible production process.


  • Individual adaptation of smoke density thanks to user-friendly compact control unit
  • Front chip level display to prevent downtimes
  • No water consumption in smoking mode brings more energy savings
  • Moist smoke in the closed system makes the casing of your products exceptionally delicate