Hot smoking & much more

The H501 FRICTION friction smoke generator is designed for operation on hot smoking installations with a capacity of up to 4 trolleys and climatic maturing installations with up to 30 trolleys using natural wood sticks as smoking material. By fast, intensive and in taste mild smoke production by means of multiple hardened friction wheel we can realize short smoke times, which shortens your process times with constant high quality.

Technology/ Benefits

The H501 FRICTION is the perfect solution to reduce your process times as well as your operating costs while maintaining the same product quality.

The large magazine for up to six wood sticks and the automatic wood stick change of the H501 FRICTION enable short set-up times in the production process. The complete and residue-free consumption of the smoking material as well as the ability to process both dry and fresh wood immensely reduce your operating costs. The separate friction chamber and mechanical area allow optimal cleaning access. Thanks to the sophisticated smoke guidance system, chips, sparks and soot remain completely in the smoke generator and do not get onto the goods.


  • Continuous generation of smoke for up to 6 hours with no stave change
  • More economical and environmentally friendly generation of smoke due to recirculated air process: Eliminates expensive exhaust air cleaning
  • Consistent outstanding smoke quality regardless of wood quality or moisture
  • Complete integration into automatic operation of a VETEC ANLAGENBAU hot-smoking or climatic maturing installations possible