Curing, drying,
smoking & much more

The CLIMAMAT air-conditioning curing plant sets new standards for raw sausage production.
The meat processing systems for curing and cold-smoking are equipped with individual air distributors. The meat processing plants can be tailored to customer-specific requirements, production capacities, as well as local environment conditions.


Our Technology & Your Benefits

Our technology employs a high degree of standardisation. The CLIMAMAT is equipped with automatic fresh air intake and circulating air. They optimise humidity and the circulating air flow.
This improves product quality while significantly reducing operating costs.
Your product is carefully cured.
You can save valuable cooling energy by measuring the drying potential of the fresh air and cooling, when it is required.

Performance features:

  • If automatic circulating air and fresh air intake are used simultaneously, humidification steam can generally be saved
  • The air distribution system is adapted to your products, enabling very exact results with very densely packed products
  • VETEC speciaises in customising meat processing plants just as how you require it

Installation versions of the CLIMAMAT

  • CLIMAMAT TWIN - The vertical air flow of the classic climate-controlled ripening system is combined with the horizontal air flow of the storage room.
    Pre-maturing and post-maturing in a single installation.
  • CLIMAMAT TEXTILE - Equipped with textile hoses, we recommend this variant for particularly wide rooms or rooms with fixtures.