Smoking, drying,
fermentation & much more

In order to follow the general market trend towards the production of calibrated self-service products, VETEC ANLAGENBAU recommends the CLIMAMAT TWIN especially for fast-maturing, thin-calibre raw sausage products.

Technology/ Benefits

The CLIMAMAT TWIN is a climate maturing system with horizontal and vertical air flows in controlled alternation, which combines the classic process steps such as pre-maturing and post-maturing in just one system. It convinces with high drying rates and thus extremely fast process times.

The main advantage of the CLIMAMAT TWIN, however, is its almost perfect uniformity. This means that the conventional overfilling of the fresh product to ensure the minimum weight can be reduced to a minimum, thus saving considerable amounts of raw material.


  • Pre-maturing and post-maturing in one plant - No additional handling effort for charging the post-maturing rooms
  • Extreme fast drying rates
  • Perfect solution for small calibre salami