Smoking, drying,
fermentation & much more

With this special development for the treatment of salami sticks we accomplished a very strong drying rate. The CLIMAMAT POWER can provide an airflow 8 times stronger than the conventional CLIMAMAT and enables an even drying rate of 40 - 70% in 24 hours even at low temperatures of 18 - 24°C (64,4 - 75,2 °F).

Technology/ Benefits

The CLIMAMAT POWER is equipped with automatic fresh air and air circulation systems. These optimize the room humidity as well as the air flow and thus improve product quality while significantly reducing operating costs. A measuring device controls the drying potential of the fresh air - cooling is only switched on when necessary, thus saving valuable cooling energy. With its greatly increased air capacity, it is the perfect solution for extremely fast drying and smoking of hanging and lying small-calibre products at temperatures of up to 35°C.


  • Up to 80% drying per day
  • 8x air performance compared to conventional CLIMAMAT
  • Individual adjustment options for machine output and air volume as well as flow conditions in the canals.