Smoking, drying,
fermentation & much more

The revolutionary CLIMAMAT HIGH CUBE uses the same production space but it increases your production volume by using extra high racks (up to 7m / 23 ft.).
Patented technology homogenously treats the top section and lower section of the chamber alternately.
Curing, smoking and storing air-dried meat and salami products is arranged by applying a very efficient method to increase productivity.
The design of your tailored system can include an additional full automation loading and unloading transportation system.

Our Technology & Your Benefits

The CLIMAMAT  sets standards for curing, drying and smoking. Drying and smoking is done automatically. The lower and upper chamber halves are treated automatically, as well as from left to right and vice versa.
The high air output and the very efficient air flow enables abosolute uniformity, even with very large production capacities. Production is performed in very short batch times.

Modern technology and the increase of your production rates are the main features of the CLIMAMAT HIGH CUBE.


  • Higher product capacity paired with lower labor requirements due to AGVs
  • High Flexibility, outstanding product quality and absolute uniformity of processes and products
  • Up to three applications in just one system