Smoking, drying,
fermentation & much more

The revolutionary CLIMAMAT HIGHCUBE multiplies your production volume on a constant production area through extra high racks (up to 7m / 23 ft.). The alternating treatment of the upper and lower chamber area paired with our air change flap is the most efficient way for maturing, smoking and storing air-dried meat and salami products on extra high racks. Full automation of loading and unloading by AGV / LGV is considered here.

Technology/ Benefits

Maturing, drying and smoking: the CLIMAMAT HIGHCUBE sets standards. Your products are treated particularly gently and reliably. Drying and smoking takes place automatically alternating between the lower and upper chamber halves, as well as in the chamber from left to right and vice versa. Due to the high air output and the perfectly optimized air flow, you obtain absolute uniformity even with very large production capacities, coupled with extremely short batch times.

This principle allows processes to be controlled reliably and with reproducible results. Engineering and technology are based on our proven climate control systems of the CLIMAMAT - series.


  • Higher product capacity paired with lower labor requirements due to AGVs
  • High Flexibility, outstanding product quality and absolute uniformity of processes and products
  • Up to three applications in just one system