Drying and/or smoking meat and
sausage, fish & cheese

The CLIMAMAT CROSS POWER is the perfect solution for the food industry that requires high quality and efficiency for drying and/or smoking meat and sausage, fish and cheese, such as casing free salami, salmon and pet food snacks. The products must be prepared in a lying position.

Technology/ Benefits

The CLIMAMAT CROSS POWER offers a wide range of innovative features that make it an outstanding choice for your needs. From state-of-the-art product monitoring to flexible climate and air regulation, we offer solutions that meet high standards while ensuring energy efficiency and quality.

A key benefit of our system is the latest product monitoring. With online pH value measurements and automatic forwarding, you can be sure that your processes always run under optimum conditions. The online core and surface probes provide precise control thus enable maximum quality control and process speed.

Energy saving is another key benefit of the CLIMAMAT CROSS POWER. Thanks to the intelligent enthalpy control, we reduce the cooling and heating output depending on the water content of the outside air. This leads to a significant reduction of energy consumption. Our fans (efficiency class 1 (N) of up to 75%) effectively offer up to 30% better energy efficiency. By using IE 3 motors with frequency converters as standard, we achieve further energy savings. In addition, heat recovery with hot water during heat¬ing enables additional energy savings.

Our system also offers flexible air conditioning options. If required, the cold smoking system can be set to any maximum temperature, theoretically even to over 100 °C, whereby only the refrigerant needs to be taken into account. The product can also be brought to below freezing on request to meet your specific requirements.


  • State-of-the-art product monitoring
  • Top energy efficiency
  • Wide range of climate & air regulation