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CLIMAMAT ALPAS, designed by VETEC ANLAGENBAU, Germany, are air-conditioned storage and post-curing chambers. They are tailored to your requirements.
Air-conditioned storage chambers are designed for the lower water activity of your products in the post-maturing phase.
Our CLIMAMAT ALPAS is the perfect system to control the process in a safe and reproducible way.

Our Technology & Your Benefits

After pre-curing your raw product by extracting water, e.g., 3% per day, store and post-cure your product in the CLIMAMAT ALPAS .

The system is very effective, energy efficient and provides perfect air climate conditions to post-cure food.

Humidity is precisely regulated inside the chamber. Your product will dry homogenously. You can dry your product, e.g. at a rate of 1 - 1.5% moisture extraction per day.
The special dynamic air flow technology prevents the product to spoil or develop a dry skin.

We are specialized in tailoring the system to your building or jointly planning the nw construction to your requirements.
We offer two different air routing solutions:

  • Textile hoses CLIMAMAT TEXTILE
  • Stainless steel ducts CLIMAMAT ALPAS

CLIMAMAT TEXTILE is great for particularly large spaces.
We recommend the CLIMAMAT ALPAS for production facilities with very tall rooms with very high capacities.
The CLIMAMAT ALPAS suits products with large quantities of moisture, which require to be dried to a high percentage.

Our largest air-conditioning storage room comprises more than 550 trolleys.


  • Individual adaptation of the system output to the product condition optimizes your drying process
  • Depending on the air condition, the system automatically and continuously regulates the recirculation air volume flow and the added fresh air volume
  • Product quality in terms of aroma, color, consistency and microbial stability is significantly improved