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CLIMAMAT ALPAS from VETEC ANLAGENBAU are climatic storage and post-maturing chambers individually tailored to customer requirements. Climatic storage chambers are designed specifically for the reduced water activity of your products in the post-maturing phase and are thus associated with lower investment costs. Air flow conditions are a key factor in the consistency of your products. Our CLIMAMAT ALPAS is the perfect installation to achieve a reliable and repeatable process.

Technology/ Benefits

After pre-maturing of your raw product, e.g. with 3 % water given off per day, with consistent air conditions and high humidity in the chamber the CLIMAMAT ALPAS provides the ideal environment for post-maturing, e.g. 1-1.5 % drying rate per day. Due to the dynamic air routing, constant, even surface drying with zero mould formation is guaranteed. Combined with the precisely adjustable humidity in the chamber, your premium product dries out continuously and energy efficiently, without developing a dry edge.

We offer you two different air routing solutions in the chamber, adapted to the relevant product and the chamber dimensions: The CLIMAMAT TEXTILE equipped with textile hoses and the horizontal stainless steel system CLIMAMAT ALPAS. Depending on your needs, size and customer requirements, we will make a recommendation, individually adapt the system to your building or jointly plan the new construction. Currently, our largest air-conditioning storage room comprises over 550 trolleys. The Advantage of the stainless steel horizontal system is, in addition to the lower wear and tear, the reduced handling effort for cleaning compared to the textile system. While the CLIMAMAT TEXTILE is suitable for particularly wide rooms or rooms with fixtures, we recommend the CLIMAMAT ALPAS for large room heights with high loading and products with strong water activity and associated high drying.


  • Individual adaptation of the system output to the product condition optimizes your drying process
  • Depending on the air condition, the system automatically and continuously regulates the recirculation air volume flow and the added fresh air volume
  • Product quality in terms of aroma, color, consistency and microbial stability is significantly improved