Drying, smoking,
boiling & much more

The AEROMAT is an all-rounder. It is the perfect solution for treating your premium products. The various installments feature basic functions such as reddening, drying, smoking, boiling and cooking. It provides additional functions such as cold-smoking, roasting and cooling. Regardless how you want to thermally process your product, the VETEC ANLAGENBAU's AEROMAT delivers perfect and reproductable results every time.

Technology/ Benefits

Uniform climatic and air flow conditions must prevail in the chamber. The central air conditioning unit reliably ensures
constant climatic conditions throughout the chamber, thus preventing hot and cold spots.

Patented technology ensure dynamic air circulation. A perfect climatic environment consistently surrounds the product.


  • Significant reduction in process times
  • Even product colour over the entire trolley
  • Suitable for a large number of different products - hanged and layed down

Installation versions of the AEROMAT

  • AEROMAT PET – for drying pet food
  • AEROMAT F – for drying and smoking fish
  • VETEC ANLAGENBAU. The proven and reliable technology of the AEROMAT is supplemented by a fully continuous transport system according to your wishes, needs and space capacities.