Drying, smoking & much more

The AEROMAT CROSS POWER is the perfect solution for the food industry that requires high quality and efficiency for drying and/or meat products. The products must be prepared in a lying position, such as brisket, bacon, jerky or dried pet food snacks.

Our Technology & Your Benefits

The AEROMAT CROSS POWER is characterized by a horizontal air flow. The air speed is up to four times higher than with conventional systems.

The secret is a unique, patented nozzle geometry. A uniform air flow is generated. Each individual product is dried and, if necessary, smoked quickly and with great uniformity, even at the highest packing density on up to 50 layers.

Thanks to our technology, and last but not least because of our heat recovery system ECO CON, you can save time and energy while achieving outstanding product quality.


Performance Features:

  • New generation of horizontal air drying - up to 4 times more air speed as conventional applications
  • Up to 50 layers for pet food or human snacks (Beef Jerky, Pepperettes)
  • Highest yield for e.g., bacon application in combination with full automation


Aeromat Cross Power application example - VETEC ANLAGENBAU