Combined water-air cooling
& much more

The VETEC ANLAGENBAU AEROMAT COOL is the first choice for combining water cooling and air cooling. Sausage, meat, fish, as well as other products, can be cooled down to a certain core temperature.  Water and air cool the product immediately after heat treatment.
The goods can be packaged directly after this stage.

The AEROMAT COOL can increase your turnover frequency, reduces weight loss and improves the freshness, flavour and shelf life of your product.

Our Technology & Your Benefits

Our patented technology ensures efficient airflow through the trolleys and in every corner. The highly efficient cooling process achieves shorter production times by employing intensive air flow and high-performance heat exchange.

Special nozzles and time-scheduled showers reduce water consumption.
The sturdy design and wall panels provide minimum heat loss.


  • Consistent core temperatures regardless of the product diameter
  • For hanging or lying products
  • All customer-specific requirements are fulfilled