Cooling, brewing,
pasteurizing & more

The AEROMAT COOL COMPACT is a cooling installation with strong air distribution via fans on the chamber ceiling above each trolley for combined water-air-cooling. Sausages, meat products and fish, as well as other suitable foods, are cooled to a certain core temperature with shower water and air immediately after the heat treatment and cooled evenly to the desired core temperature. The rapid cooling process with its intensive air flow increases your turnover frequency, reduces weight loss and improves the freshness, aroma and shelf life.

Technology/ Benefits

In order to produce a top-quality product of consistent quality in the shortest possible time, the same climatic and flow conditions must prevail throughout the whole chamber. The AEROMAT COOL COMPACT works with distribution of air via fans on the chamber ceiling.

The result is a perfectly cooled product of consistent quality. The desired cooling processes are specified, controlled and evaluated by the installation control unit. Due to the relocation of the cooling elements into the canals, a major part of the roof construction is no longer required and minimizes the space requirements significantly.


  • Consistent core temperatures regardless of the product diameter
  • For hanging or lying products
  • All customer-specific requirements are fulfilled