Cooking, scalding,
pasteurizing & much more

The VETEC ANLAGENBAU AEROMAT COOK for cooking of e.g. cooked ham or scalding of cooked sausage on smoke trolleys works with direct steam input. Optionally, the cooking installation is also suitable for product cooling by means of shower, but also for pasteurization of vacuum-packed goods. The use of saturated steam ensures hygienically flawless production.

Technology/ Benefits

The AEROMAT COOK works with low-pressure steam and additional air distribution via fans on the chamber ceiling. A constant temperature in the whole chamber guarantees an even core temperature for each individual product. The result: perfect products with consistent quality.


  • Significant energy savings through integrated automatic shut-off after the pre-programmed core temperature is reached
  • Compact construction with ceiling fans and integrated shower reduces valuable production space required
  • Integrated core temperature sensor and pre-programmed, user-friendly functions such as delta-T cooking, F value recording, interval shower or automatic on allow fully-automatic process management and control