Cooking, boiling,
pasteurizing & much more

The VETEC ANLAGENBAU AEROMAT COOK is used for cooking ham or steaming boiled sausage on trolleys.
The cooking installation is also perfect for cooling products and
pasteurizing vacuum-packed ware.
Saturated steam ensures flawless, hygenical production.

Our Technology & Your Benefits

The AEROMAT COOK operates with low-pressure steam. Additional air fans are installed on the chamber ceiling.

State-of-the-art technology guarantees that each product is surrounded by a constant environment throughout the
chamber. The result is a high-quality product - just as you like it.


  • Significant energy savings through integrated automatic shut-off after the pre-programmed core temperature is reached
  • Compact construction with ceiling fans and integrated shower reduces valuable production space required
  • Integrated core temperature sensor and pre-programmed, user-friendly functions such as delta-T cooking, F value recording, interval shower or automatic on allow fully-automatic process management and control