Brewing, pasteurizing
& much more

The VETEC ANLAGENBAU AEROMAT COOK POWER is the bigger alternative of the AEROMAT COOK. Due to the ability of cooking your product lying or hanging very densely packed, the installation suits perfectly for the refining of cooked ham or scalded sausages on smoke trolleys or pressed towers in huge productions. The AEROMAT COOK POWER can also be used for product cooling by showering or pasteurising of vacuum-packed products. The use of saturated steam guarantees optimal hygiene during production.

Technology/ Benefits

The AEROMAT COOK POWER works with low-pressure steam and additional air distribution via air change flap on the chamber ceiling. A constant temperature in the whole chamber guarantees an even core temperature for each individual product. The result: perfect products with consistent quality.

In order to guarantee a top-quality product of consistent quality and the shortest possible process time, uniform climatic and flow conditions must prevail in the chamber. The central air preparation unit conditions the air, reliably ensuring constant climatic conditions throughout the chamber and preventing the occurrence of hot and cold spots. The centrifugal fan circulates the entire chamber volume several times per minute at intervals adjusted to the process to guarantee perfect product results. In addition, the proven and continuously optimised air change flap system ensures dynamic air circulation around the product, achieving even greater consistency.


  • Suitable for a large number of different products – hanging and lying
  • Significant reduction in process times
  • Significant energy savings through integrated automatic shut-off after the pre-programmed core temperature is reached