Hot-smoking, cooking,
cooling & much more

The AEROMAT COMPOUND combines the proven technology of a hot-smoker, cooking installation and an intensive cooling section.
Your product undergoes the basic processes such as:
Reddening - drying - smoking - cooking etc. in the hot-smoker, cooking section.
The food is than showered with cold water and air in the intensive cooling section. The semi-continuous handling system makes the AEROMAT COMPOUND an ideal solution for your production.

Our Technology & Your Benefits

The AEROMAT COMPOUND is designed to be the keystone of your production method.
Automatic transportation of your products from hot to cold treatment makes a decisive contribution to consistent product quality and minimal weight losses.

The design makes it simple. Workers only have to move each trolley to the initial position of the plant. The electric handling device moves each trolley to the exact position. After loading the charge, the worker can start the program.

As soon as the heat treatment is complete, the AEROMAT COMPOUND opens the doors automatically. The batch is transported from section to section. The conveyor system moves in both directions. The products are immediately cooled to packaging temperature. At the end of the program, the conveyor system transfers the trolleys to the next section, e.g., packaging.

Work is easy.


  • Elimination of cost-intensive cooling surfaces for cooling down your products, and low cleaning costs
  • Reduction in germs due to elimination of manual interventions in the process chain
  • Minimal bacterial infestation time due to rapid pass through the critical temperature range of 40°C - 15°C